Proud, lifelong Republican here. Staunch Conservative going on 65 years. So it sickens me to witness in the twilight of my life the erosion of “old-school” Conservative values and beliefs in this country I love. The values that built America from the ground up.

We believed it could happen. We backed up our belief with discipline, chutzpah, cooperation, and the American work ethic. And we had leaders who laid out plans and sold them persuasively to the public. Guys like Eisenhower, Robert Moses, Reagan, Pataki—my heroes. Or, let’s go back further to the Founding Fathers. Vision, leadership, audacity.

They Saw Us This Far Ahead, At Our Best.

Which is why it pains me to say, especially publicly, that we are nowhere near our best right now. Long experience in government and the private sector has taught me one thing above all: Values, character, ethics, all flow downward from a great leader. Men and women, like the best of our mothers and fathers, who hold themselves to the same high standard to which they hold their “people.”

So I ask: Isn’t the time for equivocation about our President overdue? I don’t mean everything: I just mean can’t we speak openly about where things have gone off the rails?

I admitted I’m old-school. I blanch at personal attacks and petty name calling. My parents, my former bosses and mentors, and many of the people who I’ve been honored to have work on my teams, all reinforced in me the importance of being a gentleman.

But the time for politeness is past. A gentleman tells the truth, even when it’s hard. The truth. There are crises at the top. Is whistling Dixie and pretending publicly that all’s well in the West Wing somehow magically working to forward our movement? Is it helping to maintain our core values, return America to greatness as we all want to do?

We see so clearly where the Liberals make massive mistakes in forwarding their agenda. But how are we any better when we circle the wagons and “support” our guy no matter what embarrassment he might bring? Do any real Conservatives think it’s working to have a President who acts like he’s still doing a reality TV show? Who talks openly about abusing women? Who brings on scandal after scandal of his own making, all of which detracts from the

Conservative Mission?

Do any real Conservatives honestly believe that anything truly in line with their values is underway when on a daily basis, the revolving door in the White House keeps swinging, spilling good servants and bad into the streets?
Payoffs? Not speaking out against election tampering? Cozying up to dictators? Tweeting about Hollywood happenings? Hate-mongering (yes, I said it). Vacillating hourly on critical issues, and surprising – destabilizing – the country with unpredictability.

Yes, We Needed to “Drain The Swamp.” But It Seems Pretty Muddy And Slimy To Me Still. You?

Now, before you call traitor, DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND ME. I don’t support impeachment or political witch-hunting. I’m still glad that Hillary Clinton is not running the Big Show. I think Donald Trump has achieved some right-minded goals. What I’m saying is it isn’t doing our party nor our mission any good to stay mum about where we screw up, where we need to improve. That’s a Democrat problem: It should not be ours.

Simple and Solvable: When the guy at the top isn’t modeling the way we should behave, it’s incumbent on us to do the good and moral work, #fromthegroundup. How can we help Donald J. Trump be the best President he can be?

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